Stump Grinding

stump grinding

After painstakingly removing a tree piece by piece, what is left behind is the tree stump that anchored the tree in place. There are usually a lot of questions about what to do with the sturdy tree trump in your yard. Should you leave it untouched or remove it completely like you did the rest of the tree?

The truth is, an old tree stump might seem like a harmless piece now, but it may begin to cause problems the longer you let it remain in your yard. It could be a trip hazard for your family especially if you have kids or pets in your home. An old stump in the yard can also make it difficult to mow a lawn and can be an obstruction for new landscaping projects.

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The Stump Grinding Process

You can either choose to have a tree stump removed completely or hire a stump grinding service to mechanically grind the entire tree trump using a tree stump grinder. This is heavy machinery operated by tree removal service professionals. 

The stump grinder is a petrol-powered engine that has a hydraulically controlled arm and steel cutting wheels. The cutting wheels operate at high speed to grind the tree stump to the desired height leaving fine sawdust as a residue.

Tree Stumps Attract Critters  

Leaving a tree stump in your yard is not a good idea. Shortly after cutting down the tree from the place it once stood, the stump that remains in its place will begin to decay. This is a very slow process. In the time that it takes the stump to completely rot in place, it is likely to become a hub for critters of various kinds.

Insects like termites, carpenter ants, and beetles are attracted to decaying stumps and you may soon have a pest problem. These pests may pose a threat to other trees in your yard and to your home as well.

Tree Growth

Another likely consequence of leaving tree stumps unattended to is that other smaller trees may begin to grow around the stump. If left like this for long, you may have to spend some money on eliminating the trees again.

The growing trees may also strip other plants in the surroundings of valuable nutrients. All of these could be avoided if you simply remove the stump.

What Happens to Roots after Grinding?

Stump grinding helps to get rid of the visible remains of the tree. You may have the roots ground to a height of just about an inch below the soil or as low as 12 inches below the ground. But grinding does not remove the old tree roots. They still remain underground beyond the position of the tree stump. After grinding the root continues to decay naturally over time.

It may take many years for all the roots to break down completely. Stump removal is an alternative many people prefer to get rid tree stumps and roots once and for all. But stump grinding is a lot easier to execute and is less damaging on the environment than stump removal. This is why it is a much more desirable option.


We offer a wide range of services aimed at helping you to get rid of trees on your property in the safest and most convenient way possible. Our services covers both residential and commercial properties. We can also assist to clear and prepare land for agricultural purposes.

Our job is to remove both the trees and stumps left behind from both natural and man-made tree falls. Our services also includes tree maintenance services in form of tree trimming and general land clearing activities. We offer top quality tree services for home and businesses in Naples, Florida and surrounding areas.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

We have experts and well-trained professionals who specialize in safely removing trees whether they are still in place or they have been downed by a storm. We use the latest equipment and the most advanced technology to safely remove unwanted trees from your property. If you are unsure of having a tree removed, our services begin with an appraisal of whether a tree is hazardous enough for removal or you can still let it remain.

Once a decision is made based on recommendations, our experts come in to remove the tree without damaging your property. Subsequently, the tree stumps are removed as well using specialized cutting machines that grinds it into small chips for easy removal. We do all of these without causing any sort of damage to your property, infrastructure and the land itself.

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

Even if you don’t intend to cut down your tree just yet, they need proper maintenance. Trees may become overgrown and soon constitute a safety hazard. You can trust our expert tree trimming services. There are over 200 species of trees in the mid-atlantic region and the care routine for each one is unique.

This is why you need a team of seasoned experts like ours tending to your tree to get the best results. Our job is to safely trim and prune the trees in your yard to give make your property safer and give it a more attractive look.

Tree Cabling

tree cabling

Tree Cabling is a procedure used to secure and protect trees. Trees are aesthetically attractive and are valuable to the environment. But as some trees grow, it is possible that some of their limbs may begin to grow and over-extend in ways that pose a threat to property and people. Cabling is a popular method for reinforcing and provide supplemental support for trees.

If you have a tree that needs cabling in your yard, our expert arborists can assess the tree and recommend the most appropriate cabling system to use. In its simplest form, all we need to do is install a single cable on the affected limb t anchor it to another limb to reduce movement and limit the stress on the trees’ identified weak point.

Land Clearing

Land Clearing

After tree removal, we will send in our land clearing crew to remove the bulk of wood left on site in firewood length. We can also arrange to have the stump removed in a matter of weeks to have the ground ready for your anticipated project.

We have mowers and other machinery to chop and chip up wood and to remove other debris on site so they don’t interfere with your building, agricultural or landscaping projects.

Stump Grinding

stump grinding

Leaving tree stumps on your property may wreak havoc on your grass or damage your property in the future. Tree stumps may also be an obstruction and may hinder kids and pets from playing safety in your yard. Not to mention being such an eyesore.

At Naples Tree and Stump, we provide expert stump grinding services to ensure the safe and compete removal of tree stumps from your property. We are the stump removal team your can trust as we make use of some of the best safest and most efficient stump removal processes without overshooting your budget.

24-Hour Emergency Storm Service

24-hour emergency storm service

There are many situations that emergency tree removal services may be required. You may have a downed tree in your yard or just discovered tree roots were damaging some part of your property.

In such situations, you want an expert tree removal service company that can come in and have your yard cleared in no time while doing the most efficient job possible. We will do a quick evaluation of the situation and carry out the most appropriate action in a flash.

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